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Our charity one built with purpose and passion

Our founder and CEO, Leigh Bowman-Perks, is a businesswoman who is passionate about inspiring leadership.

Photo of Leigh Bowman-Perks
Leigh Bowman-Perks
Photo of Leigh Bowman-Perks
Leigh Bowman-Perks

Since our origins in 2015, the Inspiring Leadership Foundation has reached thousands of disadvantaged women and girls, both in the UK and internationally. 

Our Founder and CEO, Leigh Bowman-Perks is a survivor of domestic violence and adversity. She knows, first hand, what it takes to overcome barriers to navigating aspirational goals and achieving financial independence. Leigh established the Inspiring Leadership Foundation because she was increasingly concerned by the diminishing levels of support for disadvantaged and vulnerable women and girls. Particularly, she saw gaps in the charity sector capabilities, limitations in governmental resources, and a lack of long-term, holistic and gender-tailored support.

Today, Leigh is a successful business leader, international speaker/coach, philanthropist and author of “Inspiring Women Leaders”. However, she attributes her success to the inspirational mentors and businesses that helped her to get to where she is now. Leigh understands what it takes to inspire and the duty we have to lead in service of others. Her mission when she started the foundation in 2015, was to harness the full power of a resourceful, talented and networked community of like-minded business leaders to affect change. Together, this inspiring business community is changing the landscape for equality, so every woman has the opportunity to realise their dreams and thrive, no matter their story.

Everyone deserves to be a leader in their own life.

The ILT leverages resources and skills among business and leadership networks to make a positive and sustainable difference: inspiring girls, empowering women, and advancing communities around the world.

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"To mobilise an extensive network of talented business leaders to inspire and empower women and girls to achieve their full potential and drive social change."

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