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Impact Story: Aimee

Kirsten Warrender
Kirsten Warrender
November 29, 2022

Every day, the Inspiring Leadership Foundation is empowering women and girls around the world. Aimee is one of the women we have supported in the last year. We got the chance to hear her tell her story, in her own words.

Aimee describes herself as being in a ‘dark place’ when the Inspiring Leadership Foundation first came into her life. Aimee  grew up in foster care and has faced many challenges in her life. She has since been diagnosed with PTSD for multiple childhood traumas.

After leaving school, Aimee worked hard towards her goal of being a lawyer, and successfully achieved a 10 year career in law. However, she left her role in 2021 when she became unhappy at work, knowing it was not the path for her.

Aimee knew this was the right decision for her – but it left her lacking confidence and unsure of her next path. She knew she had ambition to work in the film & television industry, but she had no experience and nobody to contact to for help.

When Aimee reached out to the job centre, they recommended the Inspiring Leadership Foundation. She made a self-referral through our website. We were there to support her from the start. We matched Aimee with two mentors: one to help guide her professional goals, and the other to help her with personal development. Aimee joined our Inspiring Futures Academy, working her way up through the different levels, benefitting from workshops and online learning.

“Becoming a member was straightforward… I was a bit nervous at first but everyone was really welcoming… “The biggest change I’ve seen is to my confidence…When I joined the workshops and I met people who were also having similar setbacks, it showed me that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, it was just that I was on the wrong pathway” 

We found Aimee work experience with a Film Producer, and she thoroughly enjoyed her time at a film set. She is currently planning out her new career path in the creative industry with her mentor, Alice who has been wonderful. Aimee says she is still finding her feet – but she is certain her future will involve photography or videography in one way or another.

She says: “My priority at the moment is my mental health recovery…I have been on a long path to recovering so that I can start my new career as the best version of myself, knowing that once I am ready to take the leap, I have the support and guidance from ILF along the way takes the fear away and leaves me only excited for what the future holds.”

Aimee recommends the charity to any woman or girl who feels like the challenges they have faced have caused them a loss of confidence. She says: “I would like foster children to know that despite their difficult start they are not limited in their career prospects, and I’d like to highlight how important charities like ILF are for guiding and supporting people from backgrounds where support and guidance are lacking. Before finding ILF I didn’t realise the importance of having those ‘crutches’ to help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.”

Interview by Rebecca Beddall
Article by Kirsten Warrender

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