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Impact Story: Emma

Kirsten Warrender
Kirsten Warrender
July 07, 2021

Recently, one of our beneficiaries, Charlotte, sat down with her Mentor, Emma, to reflect on Emma’s experience as an ILT Mentor.

Hi Emma. I’d like to start off by asking what stood out about the ILT initially, and how did you get involved?

I was working with one of the mentors from ILT through business capacity and we ended up with one of the clients at one of the meeting who also volunteered for ILT. Both said straight away: ”you’d love this charity they’re all about empowering women and girls” which centres around a lot of the work that I do. So very much so the two women who recommended the trust were so inspiring to me that anything that they recommended I one hundred per cent wanted to be involved with. I think that shines a light on how incredible the network is. I asked questions about mentoring, as, at the time, I was being mentored through the prince’s trust due to being a vulnerable person. So then, after finding my confidence, about a year later, I got in touch with the fantastic Leigh and got kickstarted as a mentor.

How did you find the process of becoming a mentor?

It was really straightforward. I had a call with the ILT to get to know them and find out about the charity, explaining some of the pathways. I was then sent resources based around the Inspiring Leadership Compass (which I think is a brilliant model). We got sent many presentations and ideas that we could use with our mentees. Plus, we had online training and safeguarding that was very thorough. There was a supervision session with other mentors to ask questions or bring up challenges, which I think is such an integral part that is sometimes missing. The mentors themselves are very supportive, which is super important, and I really respect that. It was smooth sailing, and there was nothing unexpected.

It has been almost a year now in your journey mentoring ILT. How do you feel it’s gone for you?

It’s been amazing. The more involved I get with the trust, the more I fall in love with it. I carried on my mentoring, and I stepped into several other roles in the charity, developing programs and me. Being respected as part of the community and taking on such significant roles is fantastic. I’ve been fortunate to have lovely mentees and that we’ve had a great experience together. It is beyond fulfilling to see everything they achieve, and I’m excited to continue that journey.

What do you find is one of the most rewarding parts for you about being a mentor?

The overall journey. If I look back on when I met my mentee nearly a year ago and see where started and our relationship now, we are so open and trust each other. The progress that she has made is the most rewarding thing, and seeing her strength, the journey, and the prospects that she has got coming up, I can’t really describe that. It just makes me really happy.

To anyone considering becoming a mentor, why do you think it would be a good decision for them to mentor with the ILT?

I just think everyone has much to offer in their own way. We all come from entirely different backgrounds, different professions, different upbringings, different cultures and each. Every one of us can share a different experience with all of the beneficiaries. Not only that, but we can refer to each other, and it’s a whole holistic network, so bringing your strengths to the table will always benefit someone somehow. I think everyone should mentor for ILT!

Do you want to add anything in particular?

Just a big thank you. Honestly, I am excited to see impact stories coming to light as I think it’s important to share these stories and stories of beneficiaries.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please apply now.

-Written by Charlotte, ILT Beneficiary 



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