Laura’s Story

Kirsten Warrender
Kirsten Warrender
April 05, 2022

This week we spoke with one of our beneficiaries, Laura. Laura began her journey as a member of the Inspiring Futures Academy in 2021 after she was, unfortunately, forced to leave her job due to her battle with anxiety and depression. During lockdown, she became increasingly isolated and lost her confidence. When she discovered the Inspiring Leadership Foundation, things began to change for the better. It is with our support that Laura has managed to secure a new job as she has been ”inspired to move forwards in life”. 

Laura, Liverpool – Inspiring Futures Academy member

Laura is from Liverpool, she enjoys arts and crafts, cooking and travelling. Before Covid-19 occurred, Laura was a dedicated carer in the community and spent her spare time volunteering for a local disability group. During lockdown, Laura undertook work in a call centre. She says:

”I couldn’t handle the pressures of the workplace due to anxiety and depression. I took the time I needed to myself while the world was going a bit crazy.” 

Unfortunately, Laura was incredibly isolated during this period. The DWP felt that she could benefit from our services, so she was referred to the Inspiring Leadership Foundation and became a member of our Inspiring Futures Academy, which provides personal and professional development for vulnerable and disadvantaged girls and women. Laura took part in all eight Level 1 workshops in Summer 2021. She says:

‘Wow, I had never done anything like this before and really enjoyed going on the journey throughout the course.  This experience was really good and improved my confidence a lot. I am going to continue my journey with Inspiring Futures Academy as it has really inspired me to move forwards in life.”

Kelly Tamplin, who runs our workshops, says:

”Laura is a positive, inspiring woman who always brings her best energy and willingness to learn to the workshops. Laura has gained so much confidence over the last couple of weeks and has gone from strength to strength identifying and connecting back to her passions of floristry and also pushing herself in so many different ways. We have also celebrated with Laura as over the last couple of weeks against all nerves and self doubt she has managed to secure herself a new job!”

Since completing the Level 1 Workshop Series, Laura has been paired with a mentor who has been providing guidance and support as she navigates her professional journey. She is currently completing the Level 2 Workshop Series for which she will receive another certificate and further Continued Professional Development points.

We are so proud of the dedication given and progress made by Laura. Her story is testament to the incredible impact of holistic personal and professional development programmes such as ours.

If you – or a girl or woman you know – needs support, click here

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