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Inspiring Wellness: the ultimate virtual retreat

Kirsten Warrender
Kirsten Warrender
April 27, 2022

You are invited to return to your best self with one day of pure wellness.

We are delighted to announce our upcoming fundraising event, Inspiring Wellness. Experience this transformational, virtual, all-day wellness retreat, hosted by wellness teachers and experts. 

When: Saturday 26th June 2022

Where: Online, via Zoom

Price: £60 (all proceeds go to the Inspiring Leadership Foundation)

Sign-up: The registration link for this event will go live on Tuesday 2nd May 2022.

Life as a woman; is incredible, it can also mean riding the waves, waves of emotion, pressure, and of expectation. Whether you are a young entrepreneur carving out your dream, a businesswoman, a new mother, a carer or just a fabulous woman in your own right, sometimes, it can be a lot to manage.

Firstly, you are not alone, and secondly, it’s time to take care of yourself. It’s time to go on a virtual retreat.

The Inspiring Wellness Virtual Retreat is one whole day, from the comfort of your home, of pure mind and body restoration. Guided by industry experts, and specifically designed to nurture you physically and mentally, enjoy 6 different 1hr sessions of a variety of wellness subjects from yoga, and nutrition, to life coaching and Ayurveda.

Not only will you benefit greatly from taking a day for yourself, but you will be supporting an impactful charity as all proceeds go to Inspiring Leadership Foundation.

Revive, rebalance, restore and then rise as you feel inspired after your virtual retreat with Inspiring Wellness, we cannot wait to welcome you.

Order of Events:

7.30AM Yoga with Jodi Hollie
: ”Energising Morning Flow”

In this yoga session with Jodi, expect to connect to your body, to move freely, to love yourself, to breathe. Jodi’s classes are suited for all levels. You will leave the class feeling stretched, strong and calm.

9.00AM with Mary Cotter
: ”Gut friendly breakfasts”

In this session, Mary will inspire ideas for gut friendly breakfasts to create energy, curb cravings, and feel amazing for your day ahead

11.00AM Nutrition with Joanna Choncer
: ”Activate your inner guidance – discover the connection between your intuition and success”

Learn how to connect your intution – your own authentic guiding light – and release the blocks that hold you back from being fully visable, so that you can elevate your business, health and life.

3.30PM with Natasha Fiskin
: Ayurveda Workshop

Discover your unique energetic body type which will allow you to take back control of your health and wellness. There is no greater gift, than to live in a body that is nourished, balanced and well. Ayurveda teaches you to be your own healer, it is the path to true wellness and empowerment.

In this workshop you will learn the core teachings of Ayurveda, you will also learn your unique energetic body type, known as your Dosha. With this ancient knowledge, you can start a lifestyle of true wellness, and start feeling your best self, every day.

5.00PM Easa Turner
: ”A simple guide to your glowing skin”

This class will teach simple techniques and give people the knowledge  about how to keep their skin healthy and vibrant. Easa will talk about basic errors that are made daily that might be making your skin tired and  lackluster.  There will be solid advice that will give a decent all round base knowledge of good skincare practices. Easa will also include information about treatments that have made long term changes to clients skin over the years. There will be some guidance about what to choose what is right for the individual.

Easa hopes the audience will feel informed and confident with their future skin choices. Not overwhelmed with information! 

8.00PM with Natasha Fiskin: Restorative Sundown Yoga & Sleep Meditation

As your day of self-discovery and nurturing comes to an end, it is time to allow your mind and body to digest all you have learnt and experienced.

This restorative yoga class will take you through a full-body relaxation, no standing postures, just slow movement and deep stretches. This gives you the time and space your mind and body need, to unwind and release tension, and even release emotions.

The end of the class will round up your day perfectly with sleep meditation. Make sure you are comfortable and warm and ready to sink into pure relaxation and bliss. This guided meditation will prepare you for a deep uninterrupted sleep, allowing you to start your next day with clarity and energy.

Sign-up: The registration link for this event will go live on Tuesday 2nd May 2022.

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