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Emotions & Relationships

A Workshop on Nurturing Meaningful and Trustworthy Connections

In today’s diverse and interconnected world, it’s more important than ever to have cultural intelligence – the ability to understand and navigate different cultural norms, beliefs, and behaviours. This 90 minute workshop is designed to help individuals develop and nurture meaningful and trustworthy connections with people from different cultures.

How to access: 

In order to attend this workshop, participation in our Inspiring Futures Academy is required. This academy is designed for women and girls ages 13 and above, in the UK and internationally, who are facing barriers to achieving their full potential. If you are interested in participating, please fill out an application form.

If you are already participating in our programmes, you can access this workshop through our Virtual Learning Centre or through the link we send out prior to the event. If you are not receiving the links, please contact us

Please note: 

This workshop is the ideal starting point for anyone looking to enhance personal growth and development. It’s a level one workshop for participants enrolled in our 8-workshop level one programme. However, you can still attend this one-off workshop to gain valuable insights on living authentically, regardless of whether you’re choosing to complete all 8 workshops in the programme or not. 

Our workshops are thoughtfully designed:

We use the Inspiring Leadership Compass™ to plan workshops and understand what individuals need to succeed. The Inspiring Leadership Compass is a framework that helps individuals understand and develop key qualities and  skills. This week’s workshop focuses on the ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ quotient of the compass, which addresses the ability to recognise, understand, and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, and to use this awareness to effectively navigate social situations and build positive relationships.