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Students In Mind

Students in Mind is an organisation that focuses on promoting mental wellness within the education sector. They work towards achieving this goal by providing a range of tools and strategies that are implemented within classrooms. Their initiatives are aimed at improving the mental wellbeing of both students and staff, and they actively work towards creating a supportive environment for everyone. By implementing evidence-based practices, Students in Mind aims to equip educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to promote positive mental health outcomes in the classroom.

The partnership between the Inspiring Leadership Foundation and Students in Mind is pioneering in its approach to addressing mental health in the educational sector. Leigh and Sarah, the founders of both organisations, recognised the gaps in the current methods of addressing mental health in schools and colleges. The Inspiring Leadership Foundation provides content through a learning app that helps to promote a holistic approach to wellbeing. Students in Mind works to make this content accessible to students and teachers who need it most. The resources, which are specially curated to inspire greater wellbeing, include content on self-awareness, mindfulness, and resilience, among other topics.