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The women and girls we serve have diverse aspirations and developmental needs, spanning a wide range of industries and professions such as film, creative arts, music, law, finance, retail, leisure, photography, and many more. By leveraging their network connections and providing opportunities, we can empower them to achieve their goals and enhance their skills.

Our mentoring programme is an important part of our mission to empower women and girls. By pairing experienced leaders with mentees, we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. Mentoring is a powerful tool for empowering individuals, and it can benefit both the mentor and the mentee. We hold the belief that leadership is a circular process and that individuals with experience have the ability to create more leaders. By using your power to empower women and girls in need, you have the potential to make a significant impact.

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The Requirements

If you are interested in participating in our mentoring programme, we welcome you to apply on our website. We strive to match each mentee with a mentor who has relevant experience and expertise, and we make the application process easy and straightforward.

  • Our mentoring program requires a minimum commitment of 1 hour per month.
  • We encourage you to commit to at least one year of mentorship.
  • During this time, mentors and mentees will meet regularly to discuss goals and challenges.
  • Meetings can take place in-person, over video-call, or over phone-call if the mentee is more comfortable.

Alicia Morton, Director

Alicia Morton, Director

I became a mentor for the ILF because I wanted to give back and dedicating one hour of my time per month felt like a reasonable commitment that I knew would make an incredible impact. It was through this experience that I developed a long-term mentoring relationship with a remarkable young girl named Summer. Supporting her was extremely rewarding and I felt thoroughly supported by the ILF in terms of training, safeguarding, and access to all the resources I needed to be the best mentor possible. The match between my skills and Summer’s goals was perfect, and over a period of two to three years, I was able to support her through her final years of school and help her clarify her aspirations before she made the decision to pursue her artistic passion and become an interior designer in college. I cannot recommend this mentorship program highly enough. If you’re considering it, just do it

What makes a good mentor?

Effective mentoring requires a non-judgemental and supportive relationship between the mentor and the mentee. We look for these qualities in a good mentor:
  • Experience:
    A good mentor has experience in the field in which they are mentoring. They have knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that mentees are likely to encounter and can offer practical advice on how to navigate them.
  • Good communication skills:
    A good mentor is an excellent communicator. They listen actively and ask questions to understand the mentee’s situation and challenges. They also provide constructive feedback and offer clear, concise guidance.
  • Positive attitude:
    A good mentor has a positive and optimistic attitude towards their mentee’s goals and aspirations. They encourage and motivate their mentee to succeed while providing realistic expectations.
  • Accountability:
    A good mentor holds themselves and their mentee accountable for their actions. They set clear goals and expectations, monitor progress, and provide feedback to help their mentee stay on track.
  • Trustworthiness:
    A good mentor is trustworthy and maintains confidentiality. They create a safe and non-judgmental space where their mentee can be open and honest.
  • Patience:
    A good mentor is patient and understands that growth and development take time. They are willing to support their mentee throughout the learning process, even when progress is slow.
Overall, a good mentor is supportive, knowledgeable, and committed to helping their mentee succeed. They build trust and a strong relationship with their mentee while providing guidance, constructive feedback, and encouragement.

What can I anticipate?

Once you submit your application form, we will promptly review it and respond within a few days. If we determine that you would be an excellent mentor, the following steps will take place:

  • We will reach out to your referees and conduct an informative interview.
  • You will be scheduled for a one-on-one onboarding call with one of our staff members.
  • We will provide you with our policies, which we ask you to review and sign.
  • We will ask you to complete a brief yet mandatory mentor training program.

If required, we will ask you to submit a DBS application.

Kindly note that the process of matching you with a mentee typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks, although it may occasionally take longer. We appreciate your patience during this time, as it enables us to create the most suitable match possible.


Why mentor?

  1. Make a positive impact: Mentoring can be a powerful tool for helping women and girls overcome challenges and achieve their goals. As a mentor, you can contribute to their personal and professional growth, and help them build confidence and resilience.
  2. Personal growth: Being a mentor can also be a transformative experience for the mentor. By helping others, you can gain new perspectives, improve your communication and leadership skills, and feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose.
  3. Learn about women’s issues: By mentoring women and girls, you can learn more about the challenges they face and the issues that affect them. This can help you become a more informed and empathetic advocate for gender equality and social justice.
  4. Support a cause you believe in: If you’re passionate about promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls, mentoring can be a rewarding way to support a cause you believe in. You can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, and help create a more equitable and just society.
  5. We provide an opportunity for personal and professional growth through access to FREE leadership development materials provided by Inspiring Leadership International.

Virtual Learning Centre

All of our mentors will have access to the Virtual Learning Centre, which is our hub of personal and professional learning resources for staff, volunteers and beneficiaries. 

The ‘Mentor Handbook’ course outlines everything that a volunteer would need to know about mentoring with the ILF. It includes information about the charity and its programmes, the mentor process, roles and responsibilities, safeguarding and mentor supervision.

Mentors also have access to the course ‘Inspiring Leadership Compass: Mentoring Resources’. Our programmes use the 8 modules of the Compass as the basis of our curriculum and learning goals. These include topics such as health and wellbeing, resilience and personal brand. Included in this course are discussion questions, activities, book recommendations, articles and videos to support the mentoring sessions.

As a special ‘thank you’ to all of our volunteers, they will be enrolled in the course ‘Inspiring Leadership Academy Presents…’. This contains free professional development materials including recordings of masterclasses delivered by world-class speakers, top tips and book summaries.