We offer a mentoring scheme which provides women and girls with access to inspiring mentor who can provide professional and personal guidance. Mentoring is a one-to-one, non-judgemental voluntary relationship where a mentor will give their time to support and encourage a girl or woman to achieve their ambitions. Mentors draw on their own experience to provide the best possible insight.

Charlotte, UK

Charlotte, UK

“[My mentor] was there at the beginning to build me up…the confidence that she gave me, it gives me the ability to keep moving forward.”

What is involved?

  • Mentors help their mentee to build awareness of their aspirations and develop the skills and behaviours to achieve these aspirations.

  • Mentors assist mentees in writing and editing their CV and prepare for further education, job applications and interviews.

  • Mentoring sessions occur monthly and email communication is encouraged fortnightly.

Emma, UK

Emma, UK

“’If I look back on when I met my mentee nearly a year ago and see where started and our relationship now, we are so open and trust each other. The progress that she has made is the most rewarding thing, and seeing her strength, the journey, and the prospects that she has got coming up, I can’t really describe that. It just makes me really happy.”

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"To mobilise an extensive network of talented business leaders to inspire and empower women and girls to achieve their full potential and drive social change."

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