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“Championing Change: Jonathan Bowman-Perks Rides for the Inspiring Leadership Foundation”

Kirsten Warrender
Kirsten Warrender
June 29, 2023

We deeply appreciate individuals who choose the Inspiring Leadership Foundation as their designated charity when participating in fundraising events. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Jonathan Bowman-Perks, a dedicated supporter and advocate of our cause, who recently completed the “Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2023”! We had the privilege of speaking with Jonathan to learn more about his remarkable mission.

“During the five-day cycling challenge, we cycled through significant battle sites from both World Wars, including Dieppe and Ypres, following the path of the British Expeditionary Force. Along our journey, we visited memorials and cemeteries, paying our respects to the courageous individuals who made immense sacrifices for our freedom.

The cycle challenge was truly memorable, covering approximately 500km in the saddle. However, the true impact of this endeavor was achieved through the generous donations made to Help for Heroes or the Inspiring Leadership Foundation.

Regardless of the donation amount, each contribution had a significant impact on the lives of those we support. It’s not too late to consider using the links below to donate to Help for Heroes or the Inspiring Leadership Foundation, helping us reach our fundraising goal.

Our Founder and CEO, Leigh Bowman-Perks, personally thanks Jonathan for his efforts. Leigh says “We encourage anyone looking fundraise to consider the ILF as their chosen charity. Our cost to serve is low, so your donation will go a long way in the lives of those who need it most. Please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss fundraising opportunities, or use our donation link. Your support is greatly appreciated, and together, we can create a meaningful difference!”

Donate to the Inspiring Leadership Foundation:, which has links to donate.” 

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