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Impact Story: Sarah

Kirsten Warrender
Kirsten Warrender
January 12, 2022

Recently, we spoke with one of our beneficiaries, Sarah. Sarah began her journey with us as a member of the Inspiring Futures Academy, benefitting from our mentorship scheme. Sarah was referred to the ILT in 2019 when she had to leave her job through reasons that were not her fault. She was left unemployed and struggling financially as a single-mother. Unfortunately Sarah developed low-self esteem. Since being referred to the ILT is has become one of our delivery partners, a published author and successfully runs her own organisation, Students in Mind. Her daughter, Grace, has registered for the Inspiring Futures Academy and we are excited to see where her journey leads.

Sarah Harvey – Beneficiary

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
”I’m Sarah, a single mum from Liverpool.  I am also an A Level lecturer in English Literature, qualified to Masters level. After being forced out of my job, in 2019, I took some time out to heal and think about my next steps. That’s when I came up with the idea of Students in MindI had been embedding wellbeing directly into my classes for a number of years and the benefits for both myself and the students were immense. It showed not only in their personalities but attendance and results. I passionately believe that this is the way forward for all levels of education; to benefit not only the students but the teachers as well.”

How did you become involved with the Inspiring Leadership Foundation? What was the process of becoming a beneficiary like?
”I was referred to the ILT by someone in the DWP in Liverpool. I received an introductory email and then I had a phone call with a member of the team. I had no idea what the ILT was but was absolutely fascinated by the idea of what the charity was achieving. The process was straightforward and I was introduced to my mentor very soon after my introduction to the charity. The team also also offered my daughter, Grace, mentorship as well, from which she has since benefited.”

What have you done with the ILT? (workshops, mentoring, programmes?)
”I have had regular mentoring support and dealt with myriad experts who have helped me on the way to making my business a reality. I have also completed their amazing Inspiring Futures workshops and attended many zoom talks given by experts in their fields.”

Has anything surprised you about the ILT?
”Their dedication to helping women and girls to flourish. The generosity of others who give their time freely to help. But, on saying that, now that I know Leigh, then in some ways no, there are no surprises because she has such tenacity, foresight and kindness of spirit that I have complete faith that she/ILT can achieve anything.”

What have you enjoyed about your time as an Inspiring Futures Academy member?
”The inspirational support of those involved with the charity and just being part of the most amazing community of individuals.”

How do you feel your time as a beneficiary has gone for you? Are there any specific moments or experiences from your journey through the ILT that you would like to share?
”It has gone and is going superbly. Leigh is now my mentor really and she is a powerhouse of inspiration. And, her saying, ‘I will always be here to help you’ means everything. I hope to always be involved with Leigh and the ILT and to give back as much, if not more, that I have already gained.”

Do you have any other comments / things you would like to share?
”The ILT is an outstanding charity with a solid moral, giving compass to help women and girls achieve in life. I would not be where I am with my business today without its help. 

Being referred  to the charity was truly the most fortuitous opportunity for me and my business and it has been my constant over these past, difficult years. I am truly blessed.”

To register for the Inspiring Futures Academy, click here

To become a mentor, click here

– Article by Rebecca Beddall & Kirsten Warrender 



















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